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Diving into KVM, Part 2

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Continuing my work from Part 1, I attempted to use virt-manager to create a KVM virtual machine. The GUI asked me a bunch of questions beyond what the CLI virt-install did, such as number of VCPUs, networking config, etc. It didn’t ask me whether I wanted a GUI – it assumed I did. Upon clicking Finish, I was still plagued with this error:

virDomainCreateLinux() failed Timed out while reading monitor startup output.

Ready to start asking for some help, for some reason I decided to click Finish again. Voila, it worked! And repeated tests prove it: the first time you click Finish, it fails, the second time, it succeeds.

To be honest, this kind of “magic” bothers me. I hate it with a passion, and it’s why I tend to lean towards command line for learning most new things; because in this case, I have no idea what the issue is or why it was fixed.

I installed Fedora 7 overnight in the VM, and everything went pretty well. No lockups, full GUI, etc. I didn’t really inspect much inside VM: it took me a day to even notice I don’t have networking. However, I’m not too concerned with the VM itself right now. (During my week off I’m going to work on a side project which might help me get used to working inside QEMU/KVM VMs day to day — as well as coding Python — I tend to learn more working on side projects than real projects. More on that later.) For now, my focus is on completing my 0.1 goals.


Written by jbopensrc

October 20, 2007 at 4:40 pm

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